Welcome Saxophonists and Percussionists!

Saxophonist Idit Shner is leading a consortium commission of a new work by composer Roshanne Etezady, a duo for baritone saxophone and percussion. Working title for the piece is Behemoth.  From the composer:

225_RE_color_higher_res_edit“In mythology and apocrypha, the BEHEMOTH is characterized as an enormous land-dwelling beast (and a counterpart to the oceanic Leviathan). It has been suggested that its mighty power represents the power of God, since there is no other who can tame or slay the beast.

Inspired by this imagery, I propose a piece for baritone saxophone and percussion duo, lasting approximately 10 minutes. The piece will take advantage of the power, agility, and lyricism of the baritone saxophone, and will primarily draw upon unpitched percussion instruments to create an atmosphere of primordial urgency.“

I am happy to report 20 saxophone-percussion duos have already signed up to participate in this exciting commission! If you are still interested in joining, please email Idit Shner before completing the registration form.

Fee: $200 to join the consortium. Fees can be paid through PayPal.

Fees from participants are due July 1, 2013.
Piece will be delivered by December 10, 2013.

To join the consortium commission complete the form below:

By clicking this button, I agree to these terms and conditions.

Questions? Contact Idit Shner ishner@uoregon.edu


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